Distillation techniques:


4  The florentine vessel or separator:

The separation of the two products of distillation is done with a so callled Florentine vessel. There are different variations and techniques, all based on the fact that essential oils  are not water soluble: they are floating (most cases), or they are heavier than water. We are thus separating the water from the essential oil.

Two types of essential  oils: on the left one used for lighter than water essential oils , on the right the vessel used to separate heavy essential oils (cinnamon, wintergreen, vetyver, patchouly, cloves)...


Roman chamomile, UK.



Florentine vessel, Haute Provence.                         Florentine vessel, Crete.

Florentine vessel, CÚvennes 2002 (France)



New florentine vessels, own production, last image: a Florentine vessel for the heavy oils.





Separating essential oils in a lab or during home distilling...(own images)
You can see the home distilled wild lavender oil floating in the glass Florentine vessel.

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